• Quality 3D printing

    Toys and items

    We produce the best quality items
    using Bambu Labs 3D printers which are well known for their speed
    and quality

  • Print on demand

    Found something on the internet or a
    self design you'd like printed, well that's what we excel in

  • Custom design service

    Got an idea for some part or item but
    need help to design it – that's us.

    Need a prototype printed up?

    We use various CAD programs to create

About 3D printing

These items are all printed here inhouse, using top quality Australian supplied materials.
Due to the nature of the 3D printing process it is not unusual to have small marks, blemishes, imperfections or layer lines on the print but this will not affect the way it works or usage
We are very thorough with our quality control and ensure that we are only sending you something that we would be happy to purchase ourselves.

Many of these items we print have small parts and can be broken if treated roughly, it is not recommended for use by small children as parts that detach may be a choking hazard.